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VivaCell-MTS allocates AMD6.9bln to development of marzes

Throughout the 10 years of operation, in the frames of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, VivaCell-MTS has allocated around AMD 6.9 billion for community development projects in the regions of Armenia.

This is a glimpse on some of the projects realized in the regions:

•    Provision of apartments to earthquake struck 40 needy families in Gyumri and Vanadzor
•    Building drinking water supply system in regions
•    Setting up drinking water access to a number of villages, who were previously poorly provided by it
•    Creation of alternative energy infrastructure (for street lights and heating systems)
•    Construction of heating system in kindergardens and schools
•    Protective wall construction in borderland villages
•    Electric fence for protection of domestic animals and animal shelters from wildlife predators
•    Support to the children of the day care and rehabilitation center in Kosh community
•    Provision of neonatal care equipment to the regional maternity houses
•    Provision of ambulance cars equipped with state-of-the-art devices and a navigation system to regional medical institutions, as well as modernization of the administrative system
•    Provision of vehicles adapted for people with special needs in the frames of the inclusive education program
•    Support with the localization of the emergency number 911
•    Construction and renovation of houses in villages, including borderland communities
•    Renovation of educational and cultural institutions in the regions
•    Provision of tuition fees for university students
•    Creation of computer labs in regional educational institutions
•    Provision of internet to regional educational institutions
•    Lectures and courses for university students in the regions within the Company’s Career Development Program
•    Provision of modern equipment to the Urtsadzor Eco Training Center
•    Installation of a base station in Caucasus Wildlife Refuge near the Urtsadzor Eco Training Center and many more projects

VivaCell-MTS has created more than 204 stable workplaces for people from different regions working in 54 service centers and 10 mobile service centers of the Company.
“The development of rural communities is about closing the inequality gap between village and town, between regions and the capital. This is especially the case with the borderland villages torn by the war and natural disasters. As a Company and just a collectivity of people, we do our best to ensure that our compatriots in the regions do not feel abandoned, hopeless and seeing no future for their children. The fact that we were born in the capital and not on the border is a circumstance of life independent of our will. However, acting as conscious human beings is a matter of our free choice. We, the Armenians of today, exposed to many challenges are to shape our collective self, and no one will be doing it for us. We are either to live limited to multiplying the happiness of our individual ego, without caring for others, or we seek our happiness in creating and being part of public good. At VivaCell-MTS we make every effort in our daily lives not to deviate from the part we have adopted ten years ago – the Corporate Social Responsibility,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

Institutionalized within the Company from the first day of inception as a key strategic approach, the CSR is always taken into account in the design and implementation of the short- and long-term activities of the Company. In total, more than AMD 23,8 billion were invested by VivaCell-MTS in CSR projects in regions and in Yerevan.