14:58 | 21.05.09 | News | 3088

General Manager of “VivaCell-MTS” presented a new system for replenishing subscriber accounts

Yerevan /Mediamax/. General Manager of “VivaCell-MTS” Ralph Yirikian presented a new system for subscriber account replenishment at a news conference in Yerevan today.

The new system allows replenishing the account without purchasing a card in any department of “VivaCell-MTS”, as well as in drugstores of “911” chain, Nokia stores and Press-stand kiosks.

The customer should indicate the sum he/she wants to replenish the account with and enter the sum. The minimal sum for account replenishment makes 50 AMD, the maximum remainder on the prepaid card makes 90 thousand AMD.

Ralph Yirikian noted that the company does no intend to stop at what has been accomplished and will try to present new products to the subscribers once in 2 weeks. He also promised to meet with media representative more frequently and inform them on the activity of the company.

General Manager of “VivaCell-MTS” informed that the profit of the company in 2008 cut down by 12.5-13%, analogous indices have been registered in the first quarter of 2009 as well. However, according to Ralph Yirikian, it is yet early making final conclusions and one should wait for the end of the year.