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Increase of business efficiency is the main task for “ArmenTel” for the current year

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Increase of business efficiency in complex economic conditions is the main task of “ArmenTel” for the current year.

Mediamax reports that the Executive Vice-President of “VimpelCom” OJSC Dmitri Pleskonos said this in Yerevan today, speaking at a news conference, at which the new General Director of “ArmenTel” Company Igor Klimko was presented to the media.

Dmitri Pleskonos noted that in conditions of the crisis, certain limitations may touch upon long-term investments, “however all the investments, which provide for operative business effect, will be realized by us in Armenia in full volume”.

He stressed that the level of digitalization of landline connection in Armenia today makes 67%, “and this is a very serious index, to achieve which, serious investment have been realized”, Dmitri Pleskonos stated also that the percentage correlation of investments and gains of “ArmenTel” is higher than in the entire Group of “VimpelCom”.

According to the Vice-President of “VimpelCom” OJSC, today the Group of Companies faces three main tasks: increase of efficiency of operations, increase of cash flow and payment of debts. Dmitri Pleskonos noted that all assets of the Group will participate in solution of those tasks, but this does not mean that individual companies will work “to their own prejudice”.

Talking about corporate social responsibility programs, Dmitri Pleskonos stated that “we yield to the competitor, this is objective reality, and we will work over changing the situation”.

Talking about soon entry of the third mobile connection operator Orange Armenia to the market, Vice-President of “VimpelCom” OJSC noted that “we are not afraid of competition” and reminded that “VimpelCom” successfully competes with operators, such as TeliaSonera, Telenor and Turkcell in the markets of CIS. Talking about the prospects of Orange Armenia development, Dmitri Pleskonos stated that “serious players play long games”, and expressed opinion that in the view of a number of factors, the promotion of the new operator in the market will not be very speedy.

“The main factor is that there is not much population in Armenia, and it is not easy to enter the market as the third operator, especially taking into account the existing high level of mobile connection penetration”, Dmitri Pleskonos stated.