10:29 | 15.07.15 | News | 4591

Two winners of IBM BlueMix Cloud Hackathon known

11 Armenian teams participated in IBM BlueMix Cloud Hackathon held in Yerevan in the frames of technology weekend on July 11-12.

Two of them, Vulpex and Simplex, were named the best by the jury and were awarded AMD 500 thousand each. Brainstorm team received two smartphones as a prize of encouragement.

The event was organized by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) in the frames of IBM Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center. The sponsors were Nikita Mobile, Rostelecom Armenia and Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine Charity Foundation.

“We are happy that despite their young age all participants came up with innovative and interesting solutions and the IBM Bluemix platform granted them even more opportunities to develop their own ideas and present them,” said Rostelecom Armenia CEO Hayk Faramazyan.

“It was a very interesting contest, which led the teams to a more assiduous work creating a very serious competition. On the whole, the cloud-based hackathon always forces teams to think differently and at the same time gain knowledge,” said member of Simplex team Nairi Narinyan in his turn.

It should be noted that Simplex had developed a social music platform in which amateur lovers of music from around the world could participate in the music creation process.