17:40 | 12.02.15 | News | 3637

We’ll try to keep roaming affordable, Beeline Vice President says

Executive Vice President for Beeline CIS Business Unit Andrey Patoka said in Yerevan today that the company will do its best to minimize the impact of currency surges on roaming.

“The prime cost for roaming services is almost completely subject to the tariffs of foreign operators in terms of currency. Now it poses a big problem to Russia. I hope dram won’t dramatically devaluate in Armenia. We are now considering various options but we will do our best to minimize the impact. We have long struggled to make the roaming services more affordable and we’d like to maintain the achievement”, said Andrey Patoka.

Answering the question on the possibility of single roaming tariff within the Eurasian Economic Union, Andrey Patoka said that Beeline is aware of the discussion but there are no definite decisions yet. “It will mostly depend on how we will manage to balance the tariffs among operators to introduce a common price within the single economic union”, he noted.

Commenting on the MNP (mobile number portability) introduction for landline operators, Andrey Pyatakhin said that the launch of the system in the mobile system showed that the service allowed achieving a more quality service for customers but only a few use it.