14:12 | 25.01.13 | News | 3408

ArmenTel to change the setting of Armenian traffic not to hinder visits to sites banned in Russia

"Izvestia" paper wrote today that Armenian residents became subject to Russian laws and norms as the main internet traffic of the republic passes the territory of Russia.

The newspaper notes that as a result, the Armenian subscribers can't visit sites which are blacklisted in Russia.

"Subscribers already turned to us. We are changing the routing to the sites where the Armenian customers saw the Russian "plug". In the future, we are likely to set the routing of the Armenian traffic the way all the sites banned in Russia are ruled out of it. "ArmenTel" operates in Armenia solely on Armenian laws", said the CIS PR Manager of "VimpelCom" Artem Minaev.

"MTS organizes operation of its networks in each of the countries of the MTS presence in accord with the local legislation. We haven't received complaints from "MTS-Armenia" subscribers for limiting access to any resources and we haven't registered it on our network. We use both our own trunk channels and partners' channels to transport traffic", said MTS spokeswoman Valeria Kuzmenko.

If the traffic routing problems reach the state level, Roskomnadzor is ready to join efforts for settling the issue. 

"Our colleagues from Armenia haven't turned to us yet and we suppose these issues will be settled on the level of operators. But if there is such a complaint, we are ready to study it and support solution to the problems", Roskomnadzor noted.