13:42 | 08.04.20 | News | 10185

Ucom mobile subscribers can access distance learning platforms for free

Starting from today and until May 31, subscribers of Universal, Universal Plus post-paid and pre-paid tariff plans of Ucom will be able to use certain distance learning websites and apps without paying for the internet.

The list of these websites and apps includes www.zoom.us and Zoom app, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp, www.armedu.am, and a number of other websites.

The initiative is realized in the framework of Ucom’s corporate social responsibility and cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Spor (ESCS), aimed at facilitating online learnining in Armenia nationwide.

“Ucom values quality education. These days many of our employees work as volunteers for schools in marzes, organizing educational process online. Our new offer allows even subscribers of u 1000 and u 1500 tariff plans to have the same opportunities in online learning as subscribers of other tariff plans. Ucom understands that now more than ever people want to educate themselves online and stay in touch with loved ones and business partners, which is why we are making this customer-oriented offer,” said co-founder, Director General of Ucom Hayk Yesayan.

Pre-paid SIM cards and “Parz” tariff plan are available in all “Hay Mamul” press stands and in the offices of Haypost. To purchase the card, the customer needs to show their ID document and pay AMD 1000, which is transferred to the subscriber’s account in full.

In order to use this offer, customers need to subscribe to one of the uPre-paid tariff plans via the corresponding code: *254# for u1000 plan, , *251# for u1500 plan, *252# for u2000, and *253# for u3000 tariff plan. After activating the card, the subscribers can manage Ucom services via the app and activation codes.

Ucom also sells pre-paid SIM cards, smartphones, tablets and remote controls online, in Ucom online https://shop.ucom.am/en/ucom-services.htmlshop. The delivery is available in Yerevan and certain cities in the marzes.