10:15 | 08.04.20 | News | 9884

Viva-MTS presents “+Meeting” service for Zoom and Skype conferences

Viva-MTS has presented “+Meeting” service, designed for online meetings and lessons as well as informal conversations conducted via Zoom and Skype.

In response to the increased use of Zoom and Skype apps, Viva-MTS has made certain that students, teachers and anyone else who needs distance communication in this difficult period can have unlimited access to key mobile apps via “+Meeting” service until 31.05.2020 inclusive, if the corresponding tariff plan is in use.

Currently, the service is available and automatically activated for subscribers of “X” and “Y”prepaid and postpaid tariff plans, as well as “Z” prepaid tariff plan subscribers.

Megabytes provided within “X”, “Y” and “Z” tariff plans will not be used for access to Zoom, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger, Zangi, Telegram (also Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat in case of “X” and “Y” plans and Netflix in case of “X” plan), if the plan is active.

The plans are available for the following fees:  

“Z” tariff plan: AMD 1800/30 days
“Y” tariff plan: AMD 2800/30 days
“X” tariff plan: AMD 5000/30 days

Until 31 May 2020 inclusive, Megabytes provided within the tariff plan will not be used for access to Zoom and Skype via “+Meeting” service.