14:29 | 07.04.20 | News | exclusive 7273

Experts in Engineering City are developing ventilator prototypes

Around 10 days ago the development of prototypes of artificial lung devices (ventilator) and repair of existing ventilators kicked off in the Engineering City (EC).

Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) has informed Itel.am that the process has recorded significant progress, as Armenian experts have been able to not only repair the existing ventilators but also create similar prototypes.

“They studied over 45 concepts of ventilators, 80% of which cause collateral damage to the patients’ health. In the end, the experts drafted a prototype that removes such issues completely or at least minimizes them. In other words, they have designed a completely new device,” said EIF.

The group working on the prototype included 7 companies from the Engineering City: YEA Engineering, National Instruments, Integrator, Project Integration, OLYMP Engineering, VAN Technologies, Grovf. The group also featured students from National Polytechnic University of Armenia, particularly Armenian National Engineering Laboratories (ANEL), doctors, and specialists from other fields.

EIF has said that the joint efforts resulted in a prototype designed in the Engineering City of Armenia, which is another demonstration of the importance and efficiency of the EC as the format of centralization of technological potential and infrastructure.

Currently, the prototype is being tested and developed, which is required before the production stage.

Last week Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan visited the Engineering City to learn about the repair of ventilators. Armenian experts informed the Prime Minister they were working on design of new ventilators and partial or full production of them in Armenia. During the visit, Nikol Pashinyan also learned that the experts successfully repaired the ventilators which had been kept in storages.