15:24 | 06.04.20 | News | 5646

Indian Armath came up with a waiter-robot for patients tested positive for COVID-19

At the opening ceremony of the DigiTec 2019 exhibition held at the Yerevan Expo Center on October 6-9, 2019 a contract on the export of the Armath Educational Program to the Republic of India was signed in the pavilion of Armath Engineering Laboratories.

Within the framework of the cooperation, it was planned to organize a trip of Armath coaches to India in March 2020 to conduct trainings and masterclasses for future coaches there.

Due to the state of emergency and the restriction of business trips, a decision was made to conduct the first stage of training, the component of programming, remotely. The trainings were carried out with the accepted, convenient programs of telecommunications, with the previously developed methodology and tools by experienced Armath coaches Hayk Karapetyan and Gor Abrahamyan.

In addition to providing the original material, Armath held Q&A interactive lessons with Indian colleagues, gave assignments and tested Indian group leaders. Six people have been trained to teach at 3 Armath Labs in India.

"It was a great experience for our candidates to have online training with specialists Hayk and Gor. We learned so many new things and also we have started to apply it. We have made one robot for testing and now it is almost near to completion", a representative of Indian Armath noted.

Recently, videos showing the work of the above-mentioned waiter-robot were spread in the Facebook groups of Armath Engineering Laboratories. The latter independently provides food to the patients infected with coronavirus in one of the local hospitals.