FLYR, a Silicon Valley data science company that leverages the power of machine learning to develop pricing systems for airlines, has partnered with Volo, a global software innovation boutique with offices in Armenia and Ukraine.

FLYR is building a superior, AI-driven pricing engine to take airline-pricing strategy to a new level, generating significant cost savings and highly customizable bundling options along the way. Instead of being a ‘black box’, FLYR’s FusionRM platform provides valuable, real-time insights into airline network performance, customer demand, and new revenue opportunities. The company recently completed an $8 million Series A round of funding led by Peter Thiel, bringing its total fundraise to $15 million.

Volo will be working in parallel to FLYR’s San Francisco teams to accelerate its application engineering. Specifically, Volo has hand-picked a team of high-end engineers, who are focused on building the web services and data infrastructure that will enable FLYR to aggregate and manage airlines’ petabyte-scale data streams.

Alex Mans, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at FLYR, stated, “In our constant pursuit of transforming the airline industry, we have found a partner that is going to help us accelerate our engineering team growth. In choosing Volo, we were impressed by the quality of the team and their ability to think outside the given brief.”

Armen Kocharyan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Volo, remarked, “FLYR is one of the most exciting startups in all of Silicon Valley. It is poised to single-handedly reinvent the way the global airline industry operates. We are proud to be able to partner with FLYR on this exciting journey”.