12:51 | 31.10.17 | News | 24534

VivaCell-MTS has finaced 750 students' tuition in 8 years

Many of the students from socially vulnerable groups, supported by VivaCell-MTS since 2011, have already realized their dream of studying in a higher education institution.

In the course of eight years of its implementation, the Tuition Fund Program has proven its efficiency in providing professional education as well as social support by instilling in students determination and persistency in the pursuit of their goals.

In the frames of cooperation with twenty-two higher education institutions, the leading telecommunication’s operator in Armenia has allocated over AMD 721 mln for covering the tuition fee of 750 students. Currently 15 higher education institutions are included in the program. Although admission to the program has been closed for already two years, the Company continues supporting the students, who have already been included in the list of beneficiaries from previous years, until they finish their education. In summer of 2017, 79 students included in the program have graduated from the university.

A number of graduates of the program have already landed jobs in different spheres. They acknowledge that not only their will and determination, but also the support of VivaCell-MTS as a socially responsible company has played a crucial role in their success. Moreover, many of the students are committed to follow the same responsible value system that helped them achieve their goals.

The mission of the tuition fund program is to address social injustice through providing the opportunity to receive professional education.