10:58 | 27.06.17 | News | 85826

Sevan Startup Summit 2017 receives 3000 applications

309 teams applied for Sevan Startup Summit 2017 camping business forum to be held on July 24-31. Only 100 teams will be selected for participation: top 70 startups and 30 software developer teams.

The number of applications reached to 3000, of which only 1000 will participate, based on the interviews passed.

The preparatory works will begin from July 1. Overall 200 volunteers out of 1500 applied will help the organizers of this camping forum. Journalists and photographers will also be involved to cover the activities of the Summit.

The educational program has been expanded, as the number of participants is growing. The 7-day Summit will feature 10 lectures and 30 campfire talks. Successful businessmen will tell their stories around the campfire, while 20 permanent mentors will be present to lead and help the startups.

Campfire Pitch for business stage and early stage startups will be held for the first time in Armenia. It will involve around 20 investors invited both from Armenia and abroad. This format is aimed at attracting investors from abroad to Armenia.

Sevan Startup Summit was first organized in 2016. It has more than three times enlarged the scale of events.