UAV LAB exhibited three models of locally produced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at the engineering forum-expo in Vanadzor Technology Center on June 24.

UAV LAB representative Ivan Melnikov told that 4 people work on the project. The vehicles are for local consumption, but the company intends to bring them to the global market in the near future.

photo © Mediamax

“One of the exhibited models was designed as a universal platform. It can be reassembled in a preferred way, depending on the given task. The UAV can carry payload of up to 4kg. Other models are for intelligence purposes; they have cameras with optical zoom, stabilizers, etc,” Ivan Melnikov said.

photo © Mediamax

The company has been operating for a year. According to Ivan Melnikov, two more models are under development apart from the three exhibited in Vanadzor.

“If we calculate how much time it takes to go from a design to a finished model, production of one UAV lasts around half a year before the first test flights,” Ivan Melnikov stressed. “There are many types of unmanned aerial vehicles in the world and it’s difficult to compare them. Our models certainly surpass several foreign counterparts by technical standards.”

photo © Mediamax

UAV LAB representative reminded that automated technologies save human lives.

“UAVs do the same job as planes with human crews, but with one difference: the latter puts the lives of the crew in danger,” Ivan Melnikov concluded.

Narine Daneghyan