17:15 | 22.02.17 | News | 11895

PicsArt releases Remix Photo Chat creative messaging system

PicArt launches Remix Chat new function, which allows users to remix directly in conversation with one friend or a group of up to 50 people by sharing images and choosing from PicsArt’s wealth of tools and effects to remix them together.

To get started, download the latest version of PicsArt and tap the “direct message” icon in the top right corner. Select an image to edit and share with one or more of your friends. Once your friend taps on it, it will immediately open PicsArt’s editor, ready for them to add their own remix. Tools include stickers, filters, photo overlay, text, clone/stamp, masks, double exposure, drawing tools, lens flares, a collage maker and AI-powered Magic Effects, which convert photos into virtual works of art.

Remix Chat is currently available on iOS and Android in USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain and a number of other countries. It will be available throughout the world during the coming weeks.

PicsArt now has more than 85 million monthly active users, while the number of uploads is 2.5 million per day.

The company introduced Remix in May 2016, which gives users the ability to discover and remix (i.e. edit) images from around the world.

“We are excited about Remix Chat, because we think it is the next step towards our mission to build the most complete creative social platform on mobile. People have been creating and sharing amazing photo edits, memes and mixed media collages with PicsArt for a while. They can do it together now, in a conversation through Remix Chat,” PicsArt co-founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan said.