15:28 | 22.02.17 | News | 14963

Rostelecom to direct AMD 1,2 bn to network expansion

Rostelecom Group member GNC-Alfa will invest AMD 1,217 bn, large part of which will be directed to network expansion.

GNC-Alfa CEO Hayk Faramazyan said this during his meeting with Minster of Transport and Communication Vahan Martirosyan, who visited the company today.   

The Minister encouraged Rostelecom management to increase the investment volume for activating the economy.

Hayk Faramazyan informed that Internet Alphabet program is implemented with Rostelecom’s support, while 2 more projects are being discussed. The company intends to create Data Processing Center, a unique project in the region.

“The final decision on this investment project is planned to be made during the coming month,” GNC-Alfa CEO said.

Hayk Faramazyan added that Rostelecom plans to open small laboratories in three universities.

Vahan Martirosyan called on the company’s management to be active and contribute to Gyumri City Development Program as well.