11:21 | 30.01.17 | News | exclusive 10038

Armenia to host its first cyber security contest

On February 4-5 Armenia will host its first Capture the Flag cyber security competition, which aims to promote development of cyber security in Armenia.

The event will be held at Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC).
You can register for participation here.

The competition is organized by 1guard and Enterprise Incubator Foundation. Microsoft Armenia, Monitis and ISTC perform as sponsors.

One of the organizers Antranig Vartanian told Itel.am that the competition will provide participants with servers, services, programs and mobile apps, which they are to hack.

“Anyone can participate, either individually or within a team. Given the educational nature of the competition, every task will have hints and information on necessary tools. Each person or team will get a flag for hacking a server or program and transfer it to the organizers, thus collecting points. The tasks have various difficulty levels, but we arranged the project so that solution of each task teaches you something new and prepares you for the next problem,” he said.

Antranig Vartanian also informed that the best contestants will receive prizes.