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Virtual conductor “challenges” Armenia’s Philharmonic Orchestra

Developers of Dot Conductor mobile application suggested the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra to become the first ever orchestra in the world to perform with a virtual conductor.

The app is available on AppStore and Google Play.

Founder of Dot Conductor Josan Aramayo told Itel.am that their app allows musicians to play together, using mobile phones. The phone performs as the conductor. The app also has a web editor, which conductors can use to prepare files for the app.

“Thus, this is a bridge between conductors and musicians. The app also allows staying in touch with the conductor and following it. You can chat online with musicians, organize joint rehearsals and musical events,” Josan Aramayo said.

Dot Conductor Chief Technology Officer Artur Tadevosyan noted that the app is yet one of the kind.

“Mobile apps allow us today to break away from many long-applied methods. This is a tool for musicians, which they can use to play, share their compositions, and finally earn money. When we say “musicians”, we mean professionals, students, amateurs, and music lovers. Therefore, this app can become a part of education process, which will help make the musical education more accessible and quicker organized,” Artur Tadevosyan said.

Narine Daneghyan