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#TechSeptember with Suren Aloyan

Itel.am continues the #TechMonth series: at the end of each month, Armenian IT specialists will conclude the month, speaking about Armenian and international tech achievements, as well as gains of their own company.

We sum up technological September with Co-Founding President of Dasaran Educational Program Suren Aloyan.

#TechSeptember in Dasaran

Although September has been a saturated and exciting month for us, I will point out two most important achievements of ours. Owing to the work of an old member of our team, Dasaran stepped onto the global platform, first as an educational model for export, and second as one of the best innovative projects in the world.

Let’s talk about the first point. There is a rising interest for Dasaran from developing countries. They want to import Dasaran software (for school management) into their countries, thus modernizing their education systems and completing them with innovative technologies. We had a shining example of this lately, when Mr. Ousmane Sow, Secretary General of Senegal’s Ministry of National Education visited our Educational Center. I believe that very soon Dasaran will become an integral part of the education systems in other countries, and will be used by many pupils in different countries.

photo © Dasaran

Now let’s discuss the other achievement. On September 14, Dasaran Educational Program gained a place among Top 5 innovative projects in the Accelerate2030 international contest initiated by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Impact Hub, and in just a few days we will represent Armenia at the Social Good Summit Geneva.

I believe that these two achievements belong to our country as well, as they make Armenia known better not so much as the homeland of Genocide survivors, but as a country that produces and exports technological solutions and modern education models.

#TechSeptember in Armenia

October is the most active technological month in Armenia this year, but September turned out to be no less rich with technology-related events.

The 12th annual DigiTec Expo-2016 was launched on September 30. I believe that Fest for Technological Armenians slogan is no coincidence, for it is indeed a fest for tech companies, which gain the opportunity to exhibit their innovations. On the other hand, this is a great reason for Armenia’s high-tech community to get acquainted with the real picture of IT development in Armenia, its achievements and perspectives.

#TechSeptember in the world

I noticed a curious tendency in the technological sector in September – almost all innovations are connected with artificial intelligence in some way.

Let me bring an example of global importance: Amazon.com, Facebook, Google and IBM Microsoft join efforts to expand the research on technologies working on artificial intelligence.

In this regard I recall Nobel Prize Laureate Cato T. Laurencin, whose speech I had the opportunity to listen at the closing ceremony Intel ISEF contest this May. As he said, we won’t need drivers in 40 years, because they will be replaced by machines working on artificial intelligence.

Narine Daneghyan talked to Suren Aloyan