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Matcheli Vayrer platform to help disabled people orientate

Matcheli Vayrer (“Accessible places”) web platform and mobile application present the first Armenian visualized map of accessible environment.

This platform allows people with disabilities to find information on availability of infrastructure in a place they want to visit and use it without checking it personally first.

Matcheli Vairer was developed with the help of Kolba Lab. Representative of Kolba Lab Ruzanna Baldryan told Itel.am that the app is essentially a map indicating accessible places and infrastructure of cities. It targets mainly wheelchair users, who require information on accessible places.

She told that the idea was born and realized within the team of Armenian Camp NGO.

“The website has about 80 users currently and displays over 400 places. The app doesn’t have identification for users, so anyone can download it from Play Store and use it or just download information on accessible places without registering and entering personal data,” author of the idea Varduhi Aramyan noted.

She informed that they intend to launch the iOS version of the app soon with the grant from the US Embassy in Armenia.

Narine Daneghyan