14:44 | 07.09.16 | News | 13417

Andrey Pyatakhin comments on Russian webpage blocking in Armenia

During the meeting with journalist today, Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin commented on the discussions on social networks about the fact that some pages, blocked in Russia, often become unavailable for Armenian users as well.

“Recently there have been plenty of discussions, for example, on the fact that Rutracker page was blocked in Russia, and as a result a number of Armenian subscribers cannot access the page as well. Many suppose that Russian laws are valid on the territory of Armenia too. It is not true, Russian constitution has nothing to do with Armenia. It happens for the following reason: Russian Internet pages are widespread in Armenia, consequently, we as a country buy providers that sell us services, so we are able to provide our subscriber with the most optimal prices. It is clearly highlighted in our agreements that if a page is blocked in Russia, the ban does not extend on Armenia, although unfortunately, some of our providers cannot accomplish this process faster, and that is why some of our subscribers endure inconveniences,” Andrey Pyatakhin clarified.

He noted that Beeline Armenia operates only under Armenian Constitution.

“We do not limit anything; we provide our customers with everything they need.  Unfortunately, difficulties may occur sometimes. This happens with all the providers, though it is worth mentioning that we solve the problems immediately,” Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin summarized.