14:34 | 07.09.16 | News | 18204

Beeline 4G/LTE mobile network is launched in Yerevan

Beeline launched 4G/LTE mobile network in Yerevan today. The network allows to use mobile Internet of up to 60 MB/s speed.

Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin informed the journalists about this today.

He told that the capital has 70 4G base stations now, and the number of the stations will grow up to 150 by the end of the year.

The network was put in commercial commission testing and works in the center of Yerevan. Beeline engineering experts conducted modernization of the network, and the system is equipped now with the latest developments, which will allow to offer new services to subscribers in the nearest future.

“Technologies advance, and as the leading operator in Armenia, Beeline doesn’t fall behind. We are happy to inform that all our mobile Internet services will now become quicker, simpler and more convenient thanks to the new, modern mobile network, built according to 4G standards,” Andrey Pyatakhin said.

Subscribers’ smartphones, tablets or USB modems should comply with 4G/LTE requirements and have USIM cards to be able to connect to the new network.

According to Andrey Pyatakhin, around 10% of Beeline subscribers already have devices they can use for LTE mobile network.

“Moreover, we take into account that our subscribers should have an opportunity to get LTE compliant equipment by convenient prices, and we will present the according offer soon. However, we have been selling LTE compliant phones for a long time, that is why many of our subscribers can use LTE network as soon as today,” Beeline Armenia CEO said.

“Construction of a network in accordance with all international standards and provision of super fast Internet to hundreds of thousands of our subscribers was a great challenge and responsibility for our company’s engineering department. However, we aim to advance technologies and provide the best services to our subscribers, and we are ready to do it,” said Beeline engineering expert Maksim Levin.

He noted that main cities of the republic will be provided with 4G/LTE mobile network next year.

Re-equipment of the network continues, and soon modernization of the equipment in Yerevan will increase the quality of the company’s services.