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Plexonic launches a new game - Melon Splash

Gevorg Sargsyan, the CEO of Plexonic, told in an interview to Itel.am about the launch of the Melon Splash, a new match-3 game from Yerevan based developer.

The game is available on App Store, Google Play and Facebook, but for certain territories only.

“The game currently has 250 levels. Players travel through several worlds, saving pets and animals. They are also offered to use boosters to solve puzzles to rescue baby pets and win. We chose such theme as it has a very strong emotional impact on the players. The target audience for match-3 genre are mostly women, but we tried to create a game that engages much broader user-base" he said.

Gevorg Sargsyan noted that the game is soft-launched in few territories only – Armenia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. According to him, soft-launches are typically done to read the market response, balance the levels and fix bugs.

“We are counting on a huge success and we did invest the best and the most of our resources into this title,” Plexonic's CEO said.

The results of the launch are already very promising, he stressed, and the game will soon be available in other territories as well.

Narine Daneghyan