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Servicebrok to “bring” personal services to your home

Servicebrok Armenian platform has been launched, which allows users to order services from house cleaning to hairstyling through an application, and receive them with fixed prices at home.

Servicebrok is available on AppStore and PlayMarket. Desktop version, designed for Windows and Mac, will be available soon as well.

Servicebrok Product Manager Raya Petrosyan told Itel.am, “This is a new format and quality of service delivery on Armenian market.”

“We launched 15 days ago, and we have around 1300 users at this moment. We expect to reach 7000 in the next three months,” she noted.

Servicebrok targets young women and men, who have tight schedule and can’t waste time on everyday issues.

“At present, this program has no competitors on Armenian market. We check all agents, and they all work with fixed prices, which is more affordable than other options suggested on the market. I would like to note that working with a mobile app is much more practical,” Raya Petrosyan stressed.

The platform contains 12 types of services now, and each of them has a range of services.

Raya Petrosyan emphasized that the range of services on Servicebrok is rather large. For instance, you can order 4 or 6 cars to get from Yerevan to any marz of Armenia.

She attached importance to the fact that prices for all services are fixed.

“We have the same fixed prices for residents and tourists in Armenia. The website displays the services that are available at the moment. We plan to add a number of other services. Our goal is to create new jobs and serve our customers at their homes. This type of service delivery is long-established in Europe. We believe that Armenian market is ready for a new format. We have around 200 agents, whose number grows day by day along with orders. I will also note that all agents are certified specialists, who are checked in their respective fields. We have several services, for which we require retraining and certificates. For instance, only physiatrists can take massage orders. We don’t have fixed salaries for the agents, their earnings depend on the number of orders they get,” she summed up.

Narine Daneghyan