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App for Facebook chat encryption is developed in Armenia

Facebook Secret Chat application has been developed for Chrome browser, which makes it possible to encrypt messages in Facebook.

Creator of this application, web-developer Artur Avanesov told Itel.am that you need to refresh your Facebook page after you download the application.

“That should get a © sign under your chat window. You need to click that sign and enter KEY password in the opening window, which will encrypt the message you send,” Artur Avanesov noted, stressing that your chat partner should also download the app and enter the same password.

Artur Avanesov advised not to send the password via Facebook, but use for that purpose Gmail, Viber or Telegram, which he says, have some level of encryption.

After you finish encrypting the message, you need to press (R) button and exit the encryption mode, shifting to the ordinary chat.

According to Artur Avanesov, the password and encrypted messages are not stored anywhere.

“Encryption is carried out in the given moment, so the app is not connected to Facebook in any way and is only sent to Facebook after encryption, and the entered password is changeable. If you refresh your Facebook page, you will lose the password, as it is not saved physically anywhere,” Artur Avanesov explained.

Narine Daneghyan