17:17 | 25.01.16 | News | 3642

VivaCell-MTS sells 82% more devices in 2015

Similar to previous years, in 2015 as well, VivaCell-MTS has shown strong performance across all key indicators, including the sales of handsets and accessories, which makes up AMD 1,969 billion marking 82% increase against the results of 2014 – AMD 1,081 billion.

The sales of handsets and accessories has become an important source of revenue for telecommunication operators around the world and therefore, another area of competition. Exposed to competitive offers, Armenian subscribers tend to choose the most affordable, and at the same time, high-quality and multi-functional devices. Post-purchase warranty and comfortable payment options are also important considerations contributing to the decision of subscribers to buy mobile devices offered by VivaCell-MTS from its stores or online. Another important factor adding is the widest in Armenia network coverage provided by VivaCell-MTS.

In addition to being offered a wide range of mobile phones, modems, routers, tablets and accessories in different price categories and functionality, the visitors of VivaCell-MTS Service Centers are offered affordable tariff plans providing unlimited access to internet through the above-mentioned devices as well as comfortable monthly payment options, including monthly installment.

As the only company having a 4G network and providing corresponding services, VivaCell-MTS pays special attention to offering devices designed for using 4G services such as mobile phones, tablets and routers, at comfortable prices and along with respective tariff plans. The users who already have 4G devices and don't have 4G-supporting USIM cards can replace their old SIM cards with USIM cards for free, by visiting VivaCell-MTS Service Center.

Even more, from the end of December 2015, existing and new subscribers to several tariff plans such as MTS Connect, Office Zone and MTS Tablet started receiving larger high-speed Internet package and increased speed.

“The growth in  the sales of handsets and accessories is conditioned by our desire to give our customers opportunities to enjoy the full advantages of Armenia’s best and widest 3G network and the only commercial 4G network through mobile devices delivering higher speeds of internet. Modern devices available at VivaCell-MTS stores provide better experience of surfing in internet for communication, business and entertainment utilizing the capacity of our networks. Affordable prices, variety of devices to choose from, simple and comfortable payment methods and easy-to-understand tariff plans are yet other benefits differentiating our offers,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian commented.