16:45 | 25.01.16 | News | 3102

.am is the third national domain with biggest growth

According to Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries’ report, Armenian national .am domain is the third national domain that registered the biggest growth (18.1%) during the fourth trimester of 2015 (ccTLD).

.cn Chinese domain is the global leader (30.8% growth) that is followed by the Estonian (20.8%).

.am is one of the leaders in European region as well in terms of national domains that have registered growth. It is the third with 18% growth. Estonia is leading in Europe with the result of 21% growth. Montenegro’s domain - .me is the second with 19% growth.

Apparently there are 311.5 mln domains in the world that registered 4.4% growth during fourth trimester of 2015.

China is among the biggest domains (. cn 16.4 mln) it is followed by Germany (. De 16 mln), Great Britain (.uk 10.6 mln), the Netherlands (.nl 5.6 mln) and Russia (.ru 5mln).