14:18 | 29.10.15 | News | 5086

Tariff changes in Beeline “Zangarat” and “Zangarat 5” packages

Beeline announces considerable reduction of tariffs for Russia calls within “Zangarat” and “Zangarat 5” packages.

From now on, you can call to Russia Beeline network at AMD25 instead of AMD35.

“By launching “Zangarat” and “Zangarat 5” tariff packages, Beeline included social responsibility component into its tariff policies. We offered our customers not only simple and clear terms but beneficial tariffs. We continue improving our social offer providing our customers maximum affordable conditions for contacting their relatives in Russia and other CIS countries”, said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

“Zangarat 5” tariff package allows subscribers to make calls outside of Yerevan to all Beeline numbers in Armenia at AMD5 per minute. Calls to Russia Beeline mobile network are charged AMD25 per minute if a subscriber is outside of Yerevan. All the calls from Yerevan to other mobile networks in Armenia as well as Beeline landline network are charged AMD 29.99 per minute.

Activation fee for ''Zangarat 5'' is AMD500. You can shift from other packages to ''Zangarat 5'' through 067408005 number paying AMD200.