14:47 | 28.10.15 | News | 2227

Freedom House. Armenia is a country with internet freedom

Freedom House organization published Freedom on the Net – 2015 annual report, where Armenia is considered to be a country with internet freedom.

The countries are classified by 0-100 points, where 0 is the freest and 100 is the least free. Accordingly countries getting 0-30 are classified as free, 31-60-partially free and 61-100 not free.

Armenia, as last year, got 28 points in the chart of countries with Internet freedom.

“Internet access in Armenia continues to grow, although the internet penetration rate remains below 50 percent, and the average access speed was only 3.2 Mbps by the end of 2014.
Improvements to the infrastructure have resulted in fewer disruptions to internet service over the past year compared with previous years”, the Armenian part of the report reads.

Georgia is also considered to be a country with internet freedom among the countries of the region (24 points). Neighboring Turkey has 58 and Azerbaijan has 56 points, where internet is partially free. Whereas in Iran it is not free (87 points).

The internet is not free also in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, which are members of Eurasian Economic Union.

Freedom House monitored media and internet freedom in 65 countries.