14:36 | 29.09.15 | News | 3649

VivaCell-MTS associates open a computer class in Sisian

Children from Sisian and 36 other neighboring communities attend the Child and Youth Education and Creativity Center after Aghvan Minasyan.

According to the principal of the center, Henrik Martirosyan, the yearly number of students attending the classes offered by the center is about 160. There are 13 groups, of which the computer class is of particularly high demand. The lack of equipment, though, stands in the way of using the center to maximum advantage.

Owing to the personal investment by employees of human resources and administration services departments, the computer class has been refurbished with 10 computers and computer tables. VivaCell-MTS system of values based on the guidance by the principle of Corporate Responsibility has become a lifestyle for the Company’s employees, too. The willingness to be useful to the country and the society regularly finds expression in various initiatives conveyed and financed by the employees of various departments of the Company. The initiatives are encouraged and joined by the Company’s management. In the frames of the program, a local network was created in the Child and Youth Education and Creativity Center and Internet access was provided through a 3G/Wi-Fi router. Access to the unlimited opportunities of the Internet will help children in enriching their knowledge and raise the level of computer literacy.

“For already ten years we have been setting a model through our social initiatives. We strive to be the first not only in terms of service quality, but also in practicing a responsible attitude of administration. And I think we have succeeded in doing that. The willingness of the employees to benefit to the well-being of the country and the society is a particularly valuable achievement. This project has a twofold significance: it helps to foster computer literacy among the schoolchildren and, more importantly, translates the message of not staying indifferent,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.