17:24 | 27.05.15 | News | 3571

AMD 52 million to be invested in near-border Paravakar village by Orange Foundation

Today Orange Foundation has announced the second “One village” project – an initiative aimed at the development of economic activities and social infrastructure of the selected communities.

This year the project will be implemented in near-border Paravakar village, Tavush region, benefitting as well neighboring villages.

Within “One Village” project in Paravakar an  agricultural service cooperative will be created.  A modern tractor, dedicated specially for ploughing the vineyards, has already been provided, and equipment necessary for spraying, ploughing, pruning etc. will be supplied shortly, in order to increase the viticulture production efficiency. In the frame of the project, funds will be dedicated to conduct irrigation on additional 25 ha of lands which will allow to plant additional vineyards and thus use agricultural lands now idle because of water deficiency. The project is aimed significantly improving the economic state of the village, since almost 95% of all households are engaged in viticulture.

The project will address reconstruction and furnishing of the village kindergarten, doubling its accommodation capacity, as well as restoration of access to drinking water through installation of water tanks. Drinking water supply will be as well restored in the village school, and for families. A football playground will as well be constructed. Last but not least, financial and human resources will be dedicated to the renovation and equipment of the medical ambulatory, which provides healthcare not only to inhabitants of Paravakar but as well neighboring Varagavan and Verin Tsaghkavan communities with 3 200 actual population.

All the works will be performed by Shen charitable NGO.  The project will benefit from a 52MAMD support by Orange Foundation.

"Rural areas and the problems they encounter - before all the lack of sustainable economic activity and jobs - are at the center of the attention of Orange Foundation. We are willing to bring our contribution to a better life in villages.  With “One village” project, which we piloted last year in Hartavan, we are aiming at getting significant and tangible results. Paravakar is a quite vulnerable community because of its geography, being that close to the border, and it’s with great hope that we are undertaking this project together with Shen NGO and Paravakar municipality”,- said Francis Gelibter, Chairman of the Orange Foundation.