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Playeroid: Choose what you want to hear in a café

Armenian Playeroid free app allows “managing” music and ordering songs on a smartphone at your favorite venues.

The app is available on App Store and Google Play platforms.

Playeroid was developed by Eagm Tech co-founded by Taron Sargsyan, Karen Melkumyan and Davit Alanakyan.

The idea of the app was born when Taron Sargsyan didn’t like the music in one of Yerevan cafes and didn’t manage to change it. As a result, he and his friends decided to solve the problem through an app.

“Imagine you sit at a venue, open the app, select a track from the playlist and press “order”. If there is no queue and the people in the same place didn’t order any other track, after the current track you will be able to listen to your ordered song. You can simultaneously share the song on social networks and check in”, Davit Alanakyan says to Itel.am stressing that thus Playeroid becomes a social network uniting people keen on music.

During 24 hours, you can order 3 songs free, after which you will be charged AMD200 for each track. Part of the money will be allocated to the particular venue.

According to Davit Alanakyan, each venue can collect its own playlist which tracks will be available for ordering at the moment.

“On the one hand, thus users won’t be able to collect a large playlist. On the other hand, the venues will also be happy and they won’t worry about putting irrelevant tracks”, he stresses.
You can currently order tracks through Playeroid at around 30 venues in Yerevan. Besides main functions, you can also see what track is going on at the moment and rate the tracks.

“Of course, the world has long known the Jukeboxes which allow ordering tracks but it’s much easier and faster to do it on a mobile phone”, notes Davit Alanakyan.

It should be noted that Playeroid is going to launch a new website. Itel.am will cover this event in near future.

Narine Daneghyan