17:46 | 12.03.15 | News | 3032

Beeline sums up “Let’s Study Together” program

Beeline and Child Development Foundation have summed up “Let’s Study Together” program.

The program aims to contribute to the development of social skills and creative mind of children with special needs aged 16-25 and their involvement in the society.

Around 20 children spent weekly two days in the center, had a special teacher and a psychologist in order to explore the preferences and capabilities that will help these children feel fuller members of the society in the future.

“Works with the parents of these young people have also been conducted within “Let’s Study Together” program. They received consulting and information on how to use the possibilities of the young people.

“Beeline welcomes and highlights the implementation of programs that help children and young people change their lives for the better. Since these children rarely have an opportunity to attend historical-cultural sites, and get acquainted with the cultural values and the centuries-old history on the ground, we decided to visit Geghard Monastery together and sum up the program there,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

“This program allows to reveal the preferences of children and young people and later establish contacts with those employers who are interested in them and in employing young people with already certain skills”, said Director of Child Development Foundation Lusine Simoyan.

The program kicked off in October 2014.