14:40 | 11.11.13 | News | 3575

Orange supports community development projects in two villages of Gegharkunik region

Orange Foundation and “Shen” Charitable NGO continue implementing charitable projects, directed to development of rural communities in Armenia. Recently two new initiatives in the Gegharkunik region were realized, aiming at changing to better the social life in the villages, by providing equipment or furniture and modern technologies.

The first project is realized in the frames of the Orange Foundation charitable projects. From now on, the newly built kindergarten of Karchaghbyur village (Gegharkunik region), will welcome its pupils in a nicely furnished building. Karchaghbyur is a large village of 2300 inhabitants, for which the kindergarten has a vital importance, in order to organize a normal social life. It will not only allow 65 children to have pre-school education and become a member of the society in their early years, but will also give the possibility to women to gain employment. The Orange Foundation allotted 3,800,000 AMD for this project. The community, “Shen” NGO and World Vision Armenia NGO have also made considerable contributions, in particular for the renovation of the building.

The second project, implemented in Mets Masrik village, which is home for 2800 people and is not far from the Azerbaijani border, is the creation of a computer center furnished with Orange broadband Internet. Inhabitants of the villages have the possibility, for the first time, to acquire computer skills and use internet without the necessity of having a computer at home. The newly opened computer center is equipped with 7 computers, a printer, an Orange MyFi 3G router allowing up to 21.6Mbps download speed and comfortable furniture which will provide possibility to the residents of the village to not only be connected with the world, but also participate in computer courses. For the implementation of this project Orange has allotted total AMD 2,348,860 AMD.

“We are happy for this cooperation with “Shen” charitable NGO, especially because it allows us to be useful in the remote and socially vulnerable villages of Armenia. We know remote villages need more attention and care than usual, and we know how important it is that people living here do not move to other places. By creating comfortable conditions for social life and connection to the world through modern technologies, we hope to help them with this”, said Francis Gelibter, CEO of Orange Armenia and Chairman of the Board of the Orange Foundation.