16:57 | 08.11.13 | News | 3039

Orange Armenia creates a phone insurance service for its customers

Today Orange announced the launch of a new and unique insurance service for its customers. Those who will purchase a handset in Orange shops will be able to cover damage and theft or lost risks with insurance.

For providing the phone insurance service Orange is partnering with RosGosStrach insurance company, the leader of the Armenian insurance market.

Francis Gelibter, Orange Armenia CEO, noted at a press conference today: “This is a widely known service in western European countries and we are happy to offer it to our Armenian customers as well. In line with our policy and desire to be the caring operator for our clients, this is a new level of comfort that we propose them. In addition to all benefits that customers get when purchasing a phone at Orange shops, including full after-sales service, warranty and discounts when combining the handset with our services, they now can have more peace of mind, especially when buying a smartphone”.

Sona Dalalyan, Board Member of ROSGOSSTRAKH ARMENIA, said: “This is a first experience of two companies, which not only have a broad international experience, but also the leaders in their respective domains. This cooperation will be beneficial first of all for our customers, as the proposed solution corresponds to highest standards. We will continue to develop our cooperation, and I hope we will come up soon with new attractive offers.”

Customers can sign the insurance for the phone at the moment of the purchase. Insurance will cover cases not covered by the warranty, i.e. cases of damage, loss or theft. The service will be available in 19 Orange shops starting today, and in the whole sales network by the end of the month, including all 76 shops.

In cases of damages or injuries, when the phone is actually in the hands of the customer, they should immediately inform the insurer calling 31-10-10 and address any Orange shop, presenting the warranty ticket. In this case Orange will take care of the repair and will offer a temporary replacement handset for the period of the repair. In cases the handset is lost the cost of the device will be reimbursed, taking into account its amortization. The reimbursement amount will depend on the time passed between the purchase date and the date of reimbursement: the newer the phone, the bigger the reimbursement. The full reimbursement scheme can be found at: http://www.orangearmenia.am/en/phones/Orange-Care/phone-insurance.php
In case of thief of the handset, the cost of fraudulent calls will be reimbursed as well, at a threshold of 30,000 AMD.

As a reminder, Orange offers a unique after-sales and warranty service, including free of charge provision of a temporary device for the whole period of repair, and warranty services for all devices, independently of the fact of manufacturer’s repair service presence in Armenia. Customers can bring the devices under warranty period to any Orange shop and take it back from another address, if needed.