14:04 | 08.11.13 | News | 2790

Unauthorized and illegal repeaters creating interference with VivaCell-MTS’ frequencies removed

VivaCell-MTS informed today that the operation of unauthorized and illegal repeaters resulting in interference with the frequencies allocated to the Company, and therefore, causing problems with the quality of mobile communication services provided by VivaCell-MTS, has been stopped.

The areas where VivaCell-MTS subscribers had encountered problems with access to voice and data services included Isahakyan, Tumanyan, Abovyan, Teryan, Moskovyan streets, as well as the territory of “Cascade” Complex, and Yeritasardakan subway station.
The illegal repeaters were identified and removed thanks to the support and cooperation of the specialists of the proper authorities in the telecommunication sector.

VivaCell-MTS informed that in case of the installation and use of unauthorized and illegal devices that may interfere with the frequency spectrum allocated to VivaCell-MTS in the future as well the Company will take all legal measures possible, to have the devices removed.