16:30 | 26.04.10 | News | 2670

Armenian President ready to solve the problem of providing young scientists with dwelling

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Armenian President Serzh Sargsian stated today that “our priority task is to closely tie science and education to economy”.

Mediamax reports that the President said this today at his meeting with members of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Armenia and the heads of scientific-research institutes.

President singled out three key directions for developing science and education in Armenia.

“The first path, in which we should move, is reorganization of educational and scientific establishments and their more efficient use. The second path is to create a new type of educational and scientific institutions, like, for instance, Tavush boarding school, where education will be carried out in foreign language with the use of the most modern achievements in the sphere of education. The third path is to present our students and young scientists with the opportunity to study and pass practical training in best educational and scientific establishments in the world”, Serzh Sargsian stated.

He informed that this year the means of “Luys” Foundation will be multiplied. The Foundation finances education of Armenian students in leading foreign higher educational institutions.

Touching upon social problems of scientists, Serzh Sargsian stated: “I know that there is the problem of providing young scientists with dwelling, and we are ready to make very serious investments in this direction”.

“However, this assistance should be provided to only those young scientists, who really intend to devote themselves to science and not the ones, who work in a certain scientific establishment for a few months after completing post-graduate studies and after that take up a different path”, Armenian President stressed.