17:00 | 29.10.09 | News | 3338

"VivaCell-MTS" announced launch of 3G network in all regions of Armenia

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Today, "VivaCell-MTS" mobile operator announced launch of 3G network in 47 cities and largest villages in Armenia.

As Mediamax informs, "VivaCell-MTS" General Director Ralph Yirikian informed at joint press conference with "MTS" Vice President Oleg Raspopov in Sevan city today.

"Introducing 3G network in Gyumri in April 2009, we promised to broaden the network, and today, we announce completion of the second stage of its introduction, as a result of which 3G network is now available in all the regions of Armenia and in Yerevan", said Ralph Yirikian, adding that the company intends to start the next stage of 3G network introduction in all the populated areas of Armenia.

"VivaCell-MTS" General Manager also informed that 3G operator is now available in Yerevan subway. According to Ralph Yirikian, the company is already working at introduction of LTE forth generation connection. The company intends to render it in 2010. 

In his turn, Oleg Raspopov welcomed launch of the network in all the regions of Armenia. He stated that he has tested the connection himself and made sure that it meets all international standards.

By means of 3G network, the subscribers can make video calls, as well as use broadband Internet via cell phone and USB modem.