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Hamlet Azarian: [A] Growth Academy launched in Armenia

Over the past 8 years, Hamlet Azarian, founder of Azarian Growth Agency, has been focused on helping venture-backed start-ups find product-market fit, generate revenue, and scale. He has concentrated on the early stage, Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A organizations. It uses his unique data-driven methodology and brings his ideas and strategies to life.

Hamlet Azarian is launching [A] Growth Academy in Armenia, which serves as a bridge between aspiring startups and young professionals, enabling students to gain valuable insights into the tech industry. He shared with iTel.am about the goals of the academy, its distinctive educational methodology and features.

Tell us about your background. How did you get into the tech industry?

For the past 14 years, I've been deeply involved in the tech industry, primarily working with early-stage startups during their seed and series A stages. Throughout this journey, the companies I've collaborated with have collectively raised over $269.1 million by implementing data-driven go-to-market strategies. As a Growth Advisor, I played a crucial role in building teams and teaching them how to efficiently identify real customer pain points and create scalable growth engines. This not only led to efficient business growth but also ensured that engineering and product teams focused on developing solutions that delivered true value.

You’re focused on helping venture-backed startups find product-market fit, generate revenue, and scale. Tell us about the Azarian Growth Agency? How do you help startups?

Azarian Growth Agency was founded in 2020, and our primary focus is on assisting venture-backed startups in achieving product-market fit, generating revenue, and scaling their operations. Before establishing the agency, I experienced some inefficiencies in building teams within each company I worked with. This realization inspired the launch of Azarian Growth Agency during a challenging time, with the vision to offer digital marketing solutions even during challenging circumstances like war.

Hamlet Azarian Hamlet Azarian
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Our agency specializes in providing startups with a unique data-driven methodology that helps bring innovative ideas and strategies to life. By customizing growth engines, we empower startups to quickly iterate, test, and learn to find winning go-to-market strategies. We collaborate with startups at the early stages, including Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A, where resources and capital are limited, to ensure they have the support needed to thrive in their critical growth phases.

Why are you launching [A] Growth Academy? Tell us about your plans in Armenia.

[A] Growth Academy is a passion project that stems from my journey into the vibrant and dynamic Armenian tech ecosystem four years ago. The experience has been incredible, and I've witnessed the immense potential for growth within this thriving community. However, I also recognized a gap that needed to be addressed, and that ignited a burning desire to make a positive difference.

This led to the birth of [A] Growth Academy, which aims to support the ecosystem by providing merit-based scholarships to talented students. Through our tried-and-tested strategies and playbooks, we empower these students to become the next generation of tech innovators and entrepreneurs who will shape the future of Armenia's tech landscape.

The academy serves as a bridge between aspiring startups and young professionals, enabling students to gain valuable insights into the tech industry. By equipping them with knowledge, we foster an environment where startups, particularly those with limited resources, can access the support they need for growth and success.

How does [A] Growth Academy differentiate itself from other educational institutions in the tech industry?

At [A] Growth Academy, we stand out by providing more than just theoretical knowledge. We bridge the gap between education and real-world application by offering hands-on experience to our students.

Unlike traditional institutions, our academy allows students to actively work with startups and implement growth strategies. This practical approach not only enhances their learning but also directly impacts real businesses. We focus on growth marketing in today's rapid-paced landscape, empowering ambitious professionals to excel and make a difference in the tech industry.

Hamlet Azarian Hamlet Azarian
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Moreover, at [A] Growth Academy, we take learning one step further by offering in-person office hours at the Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC) one day a week. The in-person sessions at ISTC provide a supportive and interactive environment where students can sharpen their skills, exchange ideas, and gain hands-on experience that complements their academic journey.

For aspiring students who may be interested in joining [A] Growth Academy but are uncertain about their future career paths, how does the academy support them in exploring different opportunities within the tech industry?

[A] Growth Academy welcomes aspiring students from various backgrounds who may be uncertain about their future career paths in the tech industry. Our Growth Marketing Fundamentals course is designed to cater to a diverse audience, including aspiring professionals, marketers, startups, entrepreneurs, students, and graduates passionate about marketing and growth strategies.

By enrolling in our academy, students gain exposure to growth marketing principles and its applications across different industries. Through active learning, collaboration with startups, and hands-on experimentation, our students get a chance to explore various facets of growth marketing.

Hamlet Azarian Hamlet Azarian
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This experience not only sharpens their skills but also helps them identify their interests and strengths within the tech industry. Whether a student is looking to break into growth marketing, enhance their marketing strategy skills, or launch a business venture, [A] Growth Academy offers a supportive learning environment to discover and excel in diverse opportunities within the tech industry.

How can startups and students apply?

We carefully assess and pair students and startups according to their unique stages and needs. Whether you're seeking to explore growth marketing strategies for your startup or dive into the world of growth marketing as a student, [A] Growth Academy provides a supportive learning environment tailored to match your individual requirements. If you are a startup looking to benefit from our collaborative growth marketing approach or a young professional aspiring to become a growth marketing professional, visit our website at to learn more and apply.

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