14:36 | 07.02.24 | News | 17479

Virtual PBX: Smart tool for corporate clients

Viva-MTS's Virtual PBX has become a sought-after tool for business customers.

It allows you to manage all customer-related activities and relationships in the best possible way in sales, customer service and marketing. In terms of competitive leadership, it is an important support for business customers.

Organizations using a virtual PBX with low-cost investment run systematic and efficient business processes, saving time and resources. All of this became possible thanks to the FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) technology. As a result, corporate phone numbers get connected to a virtual PBX, which provides:

•    Call waiting regardless of number
•    Voice greeting and conversation recording for superior service
•    Call distribution and missed control to ensure feedback
•    Statistics via web interface and mobile app

“Science and technologies are advancing at an unprecedented pace. This demands flexible and smart approaches, and we do that successfully. We have offered our corporate subscribers an essential business management tool and now receive positive feedback. One of our services which promotes work efficiency and customer-orientation is Virtual Private Branch exchange (VPBX). The FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) technology installed in it allows corporate phone numbers to converge to a virtual station․ It is particularly important for sales and promotion managers, enhancing effectiveness and convenience of business processes. We are delighted to see that our corporate subscribers using it have already affirmed its effectiveness,” Viva-MTS General Director Armen Avetisian said.

Viva-MTS corporative clients, sales, and promotion managers value the ability to multitask with one tool: not losing clients or earnings, the ability to connect employees' mobile phones to the company's internal phone numbers, and achieving maximum outcomes with minimal resources.

“We have three branches in different regions. We also have virtual numbers and a short number. If all operators are busy during the call, the coordinating telephone allows you to remain on call waiting. If the customer doesn’t wait, we get a missed call and we are able to provide feedback and service to the customer. It allows us to be customer-oriented,” Sargis Nersisyan, commercial director of "Manana Technology" said.

The virtual PBX is integrated with the largest customer relationship management systems available Armenia and other countries. It is a set of tools working with information that allows automating, optimizing and increasing the efficiency of business processes. Moreover, the communication with customers becomes more effective, based on the individual preferences of each customer.