15:26 | 26.01.24 | News | 17534

The Director General of Ucom delivered a lecture at the School of Ethics

Ralph Yirikian, Director General of Ucom, shared practical business management skills and successful case studies with students at the School of Ethics.

Professionals from various age groups and occupation had the opportunity to attend the lecture, focusing on the utilization of effective business tools. Participants included lawyers, human resource management specialists, doctors, and other professionals who engaged in this hands-on session.

"Today, business in Armenia is highly valued and operates according to established rules, contributing to the country's economic stability. Success is attainable through the adoption of a systematic business mindset and adherence to fair competition regulations. Effectively managing business requires a thorough understanding of market demand, competition dynamics, and the integration of global trends into the Armenian context. Furthermore, it is crucial to set a precedent by establishing a business model and ethical standards, fostering positive relationships with both employees and partners. Upholding the regulations outlined in the established strategy stands as a fundamental tool for success in business," stated Ucom Director General Ralph Yirikian.

Ralph Yirikian discussed strategic thinking, goal-setting, and the mechanisms for achieving them, using Ucom, the national communications operator in Armenia, as an illustrative example. He emphasized the importance of embracing mistakes without fear and encouraged the exploration of unconventional solutions to address challenges.

In summary, Ralph Yirikyan emphasized that initiative is a crucial prerequisite for success in all business endeavors. Following the lecture, the General Director of Ucom engaged in a question-and-answer session, fostering a group discussion with the participants.

The School of Ethics is unique in the region and in Armenia, offering students the opportunity to delve into the realms of national and international ethics, etiquette, and communication skills enhancement.