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Viva-MTS and “SOURCE” Foundation’s “Personal Assistant” program is achieving the desired result in Syunik

Viva-MTS and the “SOURCE” Foundation implement the “Personal Assistant” program.

Over the two years, during the eight months of personal assistance, Saten has made a remarkable progress: she has gained more independence, became more socialized, and is now looking for interactions with others. There is also a huge alteration within the family: Saten’s mother acquired professional skills as a result of her interactions with the senior assistant.

“Thanks to the personal assistant, our family’s lifestyle has changed, now each member of the family pursues their own interests. Saten used to be constantly by her grandmother’s side. Armine’s presence has not only provided the child with opportunities for communication and entertainment, but has also given grandma some freedom. Saten now engages with others, even invites strangers on the street for coffee. During the program, it was a great relief for me to manage my other child, Saten’s twin sister, and to handle various household and other matters. It would be great if the program continued,” shared Shushan Nazaryan, Saten’s mother.

Partner organizations Viva-MTS and the “SOURCE” Foundation value not only the project’s immediate effectiveness, but also its long-term impact, particularly, the child’s steady behavior, future socialization dynamics, willingness to participate in the personal assistant-family circle, and so on. This family meets those criteria. Armine has completed the program-approved visits, but she is also eager to help the family in the future.

For 8 years, Viva-MTS and the “SOURCE” foundation have jointly implemented the “Personal
Assistant” program in support of children with disabilities. Professional and experienced personal assistants offer a 60-hour care per month and skill development for 4 months.

In the past three years, this program has expanded, covering all regions. In 2023, 40 families became beneficiaries of the program, including more than 20 families from different regions, four of them - from Syunik.