16:42 | 12.06.23 | News | 14773

Ucom will keep on providing high-speed internet access to the Komitas museum-institute

This year as well Ucom will continue providing high-speed internet access to all exhibition halls of the Komitas Museum-Institute.

Last year, through cooperation with Ucom, the Komitas Museum-Institute created an opportunity to transform its exhibition, concert and other programs’ spaces into an educational and cultural environment enriched with modern technologies.

"I am glad that our collaboration with Ucom has allowed us to make scientific-educational, cultural programs and concerts more accessible on the internet. We have utilized multimedia tools during exhibitions and expanded the formats for informative access to our exhibitions," said Nikolay Kostandyan, the director of the Museum-Institute.

"Ucom recognized the global trend of digitizing world-class exhibitions and assisted the Komitas Museum-Institute in applying this international experience. I am confident that with the help of new multimedia tools and Ucom's internet service, visitors will be more engaged in learning about the influential figures of Armenian culture," stated Ralph Yirikian, Director General of Ucom.