15:36 | 09.06.23 | News | 6364

Viva-MTS’ digital B2B services show steady growth

2023 saw 25% growth in the number of fixed services subscriptions, 50% growth in the use of cloud services and 12% growth of mobile B2B services.

Viva-MTS’ strategy of business differentiation has proven its vitality as it helped sustain the company’s stable growth. In the ICT sector, differentiation is key to effective competition and development. One of the key directions adopted by the company is the development of B2B (business-to-business) soluions and services. B2B is the exchange of products, services or information between businesses, rather than between businesses and consumers (B2C).

Thus, apart from cellular services, voice and data solutions, applications, and a wide variety of customer-tailored products/tariff plans and services, the company also succeeded in building a comprehensive B2B portfolio, by entering into new market segments such as fixed connectivity, cloud solutions, VoIP solutions and development of standartized application programming interface (API) for companies-partners. B2B development strategy, among other things, includes digitalization of operations and modularization of solutions.

The company is continuously strengthening its cloud infrastructure. The cloud infrastructure service includes different services, such as Cloud and Colocation, virtual infrastructure and Back-Up solutions based on contemporary software and hardware technologies. Viva-MTS also introduced a cloud platform and cloud services such as IaaS – running cloud director for self-managed virtual network and computing infrastructure, “Veeam” back-up and VPBX.

Viva-MTS has introduced M2M/IoT services, provides DDOS protection, offers PaaS and many more. The company sees high demand for Cloud and Complex solutions among small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and small office/ home offices (SOHOs) segments. Viva-MTS is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, which means that the internal processes are in full conformity with ITSM requirements, which are of highly demand by Enterprises.

Viva-MTS was the first in Armenia to introduce contemporary technologies and solutions such as 5G and NB-IOT.

After 2017, when Viva-MTS entered B2B (Business-to-Business) fixed-line market, the company has been actively increasing the portfolio of its services. Currently, the company provides fixed VoIP services, fixed broadband Internet and data transmission, and international communication channels. The acquisition by Viva-MTS of the assets of “ADC”, a broadband Internet provider with its own fiber-optical network and technological capacities having a significant subscriber base, was one of the largest transactions in the telecommunications sector in Armenia. As a result, Viva-MTS has significantly expanded its customer base, which uses broadband fixed Internet and related services, state and community structures.

Viva-MTS has built its own fiber-optical backbone network throughout the country, extending from the North of Armenia to the South. In addition, the Company has a wide-area networks in 6 biggest cities of Armenia as well as presence in many other cities. The Company imports Internet through its own channels for the needs of the domestic market.

From year to year, the number of cloud service users is constantly increasing. Viva-MTS has begun to actively develop new products and services based on cloud infrastructure and virtual space, which are top-requested by corporate clients. Viva-MTS strives to develop and present a full range of services necessary for modern business, not limited to mobile communications and fixed-line communications, but including the range of IT services and platforms required for fast-growing enterprises.

The fixed Internet connection, available in Yerevan and few active regions, has been upgraded to meet the high demand. Recently, Viva-MTS managed to increase its upstream capacity fivefold on the border with Georgia in order to meet the growing demand for fixed communication services.

“On the way to digital transformation, the telecommunications market in Armenia is becoming more and more competitive, and all market participants are trying to stand out in order to be more competitive in the market. Viva-MTS is Armenia's leading mobile communications operator and, in addition to providing cellular and digital services, has achieved new key competencies and significant differentiation in business areas. It is important to note that all segments and industries of the economy successfully work with us, from small businesses to government agencies and corporations, we also bring our expertise and capabilities to national projects. This is a guarantee of sustainable business, digitalization of the economy and future growth of both our customers and the state,” said Viva-MTS General Director Armen Avetisyan.