16:44 | 19.09.22 | News | 6987

Targeted support from Viva-MTS through personal assistants

The lives of kids with special needs have improved as a result of the collaboration between Viva-MTS and the SOURCE Foundation. Their quality of life is increased, and the caregiver parent's stressful daily schedule is made easier.

Since its implementation in 2016, the "Personal assistants for children with disabilities" program has extended geographically and now includes beneficiaries from various parts of Armenia.

Some children exhibit amazing dynamics of mental and physical growth; with the help of a personal assistant, their incorporation into the process of inclusive education and socializing is made possible. The family is able to meet some necessities, including those related to health, education, and employment, as well as spend time with other family members and rest a little, thanks to the services of personal assistants.

Hayk, a 12-year-old boy from Vanadzor, has cerebral palsy and struggles with locomotion issues. Continuous rehabilitation therapy and everyday skill-building activities are required for Hayk's care.

Within the framework of cooperation between Viva-MTS and SOURCE Foundation, Hayk welcomed the new academic year without tension and anxiety. During a difficult period for the family, Hayk’s personal assistant Argam helped him to overcome the challenges. Personal assistant project sets up an environment where values are more imperative than work. Thanks to this, Hayk gained not only a supportive specialist, but also a friend.

"I am glad that during the past months we were able to create workplaces in the regions as well. The role of our main partner Viva-MTS was important for the successful process, not only in terms of project implementation, but also in terms of providing technical support," said Marina Parazyan, the Founding Director of Source Foundation.