11:01 | 15.09.22 | News | 7542

Armenia ranks 47th in the Digital Quality of Life Index

The fourth annual edition of the Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL) reports that Armenia ranks 47th in the world regarding digital wellbeing out of 117 countries.

Out of the five fundamental digital life pillars, Armenia’s worst score is for e-government, ranking 71st globally. While the best is for internet affordability (2nd). Armenia’s internet quality comes 59th, while e-infrastructure, and e-security 68th.
The study is conducted by the cybersecurity company Surfshark. It evaluates countries based on five fundamental digital wellbeing pillars: internet quality, e-government, e-infrastructure, internet affordability, and e-security.

This year, Armenia has made it into the top 50 globally, ranking 47th in the final index and 10th in Asia. The country has improved by 34 positions since last year's edition, rising from 81st to 47th.

Out of all index pillars, Armenia's weakest spot is e-government, which needs to improve by 60% to match the best-ranking country's result (U.S.'s).
Armenia's internet quality, considering internet speed, stability, and growth, ranks 59th in the world and is 6% worse than the global average. Regarding internet speed alone, Armenia's mobile internet ranks higher than fixed broadband in the global ranking, operating at 34.8 Mbps/s (65th globally). Meanwhile, the fixed broadband internet comes 75th (46.2 Mbps/s).
Compared to Russia, Armenia's mobile internet is 17% faster, while broadband is 2 times slower. Since last year, mobile internet speed in Armenia has improved by 18.3% (5.4 Mbps), and fixed broadband speed has grown by 36.6% (12.4 Mbps). In comparison, Singapore's residents enjoyed mobile speeds up to 104 Mbps/s and fixed to as much as 261 Mbps/s - the fastest internet in the world this year.
Armenia's internet affordability ranks 2nd in the world.