14:10 | 22.09.21 | News | 4696

Since 2006 Viva-MTS allocated $ 986 000 to Orran NGO

The 15th annual charity dinner of “Orran” Charitable Non-Governmental Organization took place.

The yearly event is anchored on the value system of being useful to the society, which Orran for the last 21 years, is realizing through many of its implemented specific programs. With the support of dedicated partners, “Orran” charity organization strives to reduce the number of beggars/ the begging rate in the country as much as possible and address the difficulties of lonely elderly. In recent years, the epidemic and the post-war sequences have seriously changed the social representation of the country and have expanded the list of beneficiaries. This year, the organization’s focus will also be on the families displaced from Artsakh.

The money raised during the dinner will be directed to the two centers of “Orran” in Yerevan and Vanadzor. This will allow “Orran” to continue its important mission of providing food, educational, handicraft training, cultural, social, psychological, and vocational services to around 100 elderly and 300 needy children beneficiaries.  
“A team is gathered here, which manages to dedicate itself with unconditional love and compassion for the children and elderly in despair, to create a reality for them that is more promising and encouraging. “Orran” teaches to overcome life's difficulties with optimism and willpower. It is not pity that is expressed here, but love and devotion. And that force is very powerful,” said Ralph Yirikian, General Manager of Viva-MTS, a major donor to “Orran” during its 21 years of operation.

Ralph Yirikian’s donation in drams in the amount equivalent to USD 7,3 thousand, has doubled the total amount of donations collected during the dinner.

In frames of cooperation with Orran, starting 2006, Viva-MTS provided support in drams in the amount equivalent to USD 986 thousand. The Yirikians provided support indrams equivalent to USD 50,7 thousand.