16:03 | 17.09.21 | News | exclusive 23537

DataArt, SFL teams conduct first joint event after merging

After the acquisition of Armenia-based software development SFL company by DataArt, the teams of the two companies have for the first time conducted a joint event.
“This is one of the first steps regarding the cultural integration. Our merger was a big event we wanted to celebrate,” Deputy Head of DataArt Armenia and Head of HR Ishkhan Margaryan told Itel.am.

photo © DataArt

He said one of the key objectives was to welcome new colleagues in DataArt.

“We wanted to show what DataArt means, what DataArt culture is like and how we are having fun in DataArt. The aim was to introduce people working in one team to each other. We also had a quest, divided into teams which consisted of both our colleagues from previous SFL and DataArt Armenia. Top managers of DataArt participated in the quest too. It was rather successful. People got to know each other better, the rapprochement of the team succeeded,” Ishkhan Margaryan said.