17:47 | 02.04.21 | News | 10978

The process of connecting private houses to Ucom fixed network has become easier and more affordable

From now on, the residents of private houses wishing to benefit from Ucom fixed services will be connected to the fastest fixed network in Armenia in accordance with the simplified procedure, at more affordable rates and possibility of individual approach in each case.

Ucom’s television, fixed telephony as well as internet services are now more accessible for private house subscribers.

In particular, in case of the fiber-optic connection of up to 100 meters, the subscriber of the private house will pay the common fee of 15 000 drams, after which he/she will pay 200 instead of the previous 400 drams per meter. Moreover, in case of subscribing to uMix M or uMix L packages for 12 months, the connection fee of 15 000 drams will not be charged.

«From now on, the private house connections to the Ucom’s fixed network will be carried out not only in accordance with a simplified procedure and at more affordable rates, but also with individual approach to every subscriber. Fill out the connection application online via this link ucom.am/private», wrote Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom, in his Twitter microblog.

Let us add that the residents of private houses can fill out the application to connect to the Ucom fixed services both online and at any Ucom sales and service center. The connection will be done within 10 business days, based on the individual measurement and calculations.