10:51 | 02.04.21 | News | 10208

Ucom launches the sale of Premium class "nice" phone numbers

Ucom has launched the sale of the Premium class «nice» phone numbers at special prices via its online shop.

The Premium class phone numbers can be ordered only at the online shop at gold.ucom.am. The delivery is free of charge, carried out at the address indicated by the subscriber.

«We urge all those who wish to benefit from the Ucom mobile services to join us with any of the Premium class “nice” phone numbers and enjoy staying in touch with their close ones at the combination of the fastest internet in Armenia and affordable tariffs», - Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom has tweeted in his microblog.

In addition to the Premium class “nice” phone numbers, Ucom also offers to choose a "nice" one from more affordable categories, that can be purchased at any Ucom sales and service center. All one has to do is just visit any Ucom sales and service center with an ID and make a one-shot payment in accordance with the category of the phone number selected on the spot.